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  • Scope and Objectives

    Our objective is to publish a dental journal of consistent high quality and help to increase the

    exposure of literature written by dental professionals at a global level.

    Subject coverage:

    The subject coverage of SDJ is dentistry, dealing with all specialties of dentistry, its management,

    besides dental health related subjects.

    Type of material:

    Smile clearly state that it is a peer­reviewed journal on its main page. We have an internal

    editorial policy which controls the quality of the articles to be published and we have a high level

    enthusiast regional and international team of experts who constitute an advisory editorial and

    review board.

    Literature review, original research, clinical case reports, case series, short communication, and

    randomized clinical trials are among our scope of published material, where the clinical aspect of

    dentistry is presented in a scientific way, starting each article with an abstract, backed up by

    references in accordance with the Vancouver citation style.

    The journal encourages the submission of papers with a clinical approach, practical or

    management oriented, besides papers that bridge the gap between dental research and clinical

    application, these include the following:

    • Full length articles

    • Short communication or paper

    • Case presentation

    • Letter to the editor: Comment on a previously published article: should have a title, should

    include the issue number, the corresponding article title, and the author's name, the letter is

    usually published along with the author's reply, editor's comment or both.

    • Book review: which could be submitted by the author, the publisher or a reader of a book that is

    dentistry related, should include a high resolution picture of the cover, a precise summary of the

    content, names of the book authors, and name of the reviewer.

    • Editorial: report of a new idea, news, update, suggestion or finding related to dentistry. This

    should include a title, the author's name and a high resolution picture.