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  • Rafi Aljobory 2nd International Conference in Cosmetic Dentistry - Sep 15, 2017 - Sep 16, 2017


    Rafi Aljobory 2nd International Conference in Cosmetic Dentistry


    Rafi Aljobory 2nd International Conference (RAIC) was a great success and was well attended with more than 2,600 participants.


    The opening ceremony started with an emotional 30 minutes video of Dr. Rafi Aljobory’s life and great achievements for the Iraqi dentists.


    Along with the conference, the 1st Dental Student Conference was held with more than 300 dental students who had an afternoon session of “Leadership of Dental Student” with Dr. Aref Al-Abed.


    Furthermore, there were 6 Continuing Education Courses and Workshops given with different specialties:

    • Implantology; “Soft Tissue Management in Aesthetic Implant Dentistry – from Basic to Advanced” by Dr. Hassan Maghaireh from United Kingdom
    • Endodontics; “Workshop using Tornado Files” by Dr. Roland Arsan from France “Gutta flow 2 Obturation System” by Prof. Jamal Aziz Mehdi from Iraq
    • Aesthetics; “Idealization & Previsualization in Aesthetic Dentistry – Live Patient” by Mr. Stefano Ingles from Italy “Ceramic & Composite Veneer” by Dr. Hakam Mousa from Jordan
    • Management; “Dental Practice Management” by Dr. Aref Al-Abed from Jordan


    “Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.
             You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.”

    God bless your soul Dr. Rafi Aljobory; Past President of the Iraqi Dental Association for 10 years