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  • 25th Beirut International Dental Meeting - Oct 8, 2015 - Oct 10, 2015

    25th Beirut International Dental Meeting


    Prof. Elie Azar Maalouf | General Secretary Union of Arab Dentists & President of the Lebanese Dental Association – Beirut


    “For the third year in a row, I stand before you on this platform, to speak about our scientific meeting, as well as the affairs and the problems of our association.


    This year however, our event is very special, on one side we are celebrating the Silver Jubilee of BIDM; on the other side, I am preparing to hand over the responsibility that is dear to my heart and mind.


    I will begin with the meeting, of which we are celebrating the 25th anniversary, which was inaugurated by President Professor Habib Chemaly, who is known for his scientific and humane stature and his openness to all, as he became a beacon that we are all proud of.


    Our meeting is considered as one of the most important achievements of the LDA, evolving with the former presidents, who worked at establishing the BIDM as a scientific landmark enabling all of us to be aware of the latest scientific findings and researches; it is also an opportunity to get together and exchange experiences.


    So here we are standing in pride along with international and Lebanese lecturers to share with us their experiences and research results, so that the Beirut Dental Meeting will deserve to be called International.


    I can only thank very warmly the dental association Board members, as well as the different committees the colleagues and the employees and all the persons who contributed near or far to make this BIDM fruitful, successful and special.


    Speaking of tokens I am overwhelmed today with joy and pride as I am preparing to hand over my responsibility soon to a new president who will work to continue what we have started, preserving LDA unity and adding a new corner stone to an association that you are proud of and that is proud of you.


    Another responsibility that I carried with pride: is the Union of Arab Dentists as we worked at enhancing its role, through periodic meetings, turning it into a corporation, doing its part in the compatibility between arab dentists, spreading out bridges in a crucial period of our history, as we need more than ever to enhance cooperation, openness and sharing.


    Finally, the best part is your beautiful presence and precious sharing, I hope that we succeeded to insure your comfort, as well as a BIDM according to your ambitions and expectations.”